The Mule

The Ruby Theatre presents “The Mule” (R) (for language and drugs) Jan 11-15. Shows are 7 pm Fri, Sat, Mon and Tues, and 3 pm Sat and Sunday.
A 90-year-old horticulturalist and Korean War veteran is caught transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Illinois for a Mexican drug cartel. Powerful performances from Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Dianne Wiest, Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne and more. Inspired by a true story.

Coming Soon: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, “Aquaman”, “Mary Queen of Scots”, “Green Book”.

Look for the Oscar nominations on January 22. We plan to bring all the contenders to the Ruby Theatre.

See you at the Ruby !

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