“Don’t Stop Believin…”

How many times can you say you’ve heard the  hit “Don’t Stop Believin'” By Journey? Is it 100? Maybe once? Or maybe you’ve never heard of it at all. Chances are, even if you don’t know it by name, you’ve probably heard it at one time or another.

The Song was released in 1981 but it wasn’t until years later that it topped the pop charts after its appearance on The Sopranos and Glee. It’s lyrics resonated with the generation and quickly became an anthem for any struggling actor, artist, producer, writer who had pursued their dreams and come to the big city with the hope to make it. It is now the best selling digital song from a pre-digital era as well as second best selling rock song in digital history.

It’s no wonder the hit carried on  and could be heard in every city bar and small town across the country.  The perfect song for last call when all the dreamers are dancing stars in the late night, singing along as if for that moment, their dreams had come true.

It’s the ultimate karaoke tune and will go down in history as one of the most celebrated and relevant songs ever made.  It’s this kind of pop culture phenomenon that can transport anyone to the dreamer in them, the believer in them, and in turn, it can be used to send a message to all of us. When this song comes on in a film, we know it’s time for the character to pick up the pieces and give it their all. To regain hope.

If you’ve never heard the tune, we suggest you look up Journey, “Don’t stop believin'” put it on loud and dance like no-one is watching. Or, you could also check it out in these films below who use it for all its worth during these incredible scenes. Either way, don’t stop believin’!

Click movie title below for a link to the scene in the movie when “Don’t stop believin'” was used. 

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