When great books become great films!

Last spring, the Ruby donated funds to co-create and support the Manson Book Project along with Riverwalk Books, Lake Chelan Community Services Council and the Sea Squirt Society.

The goal was to give a book to each of the Manson Elementary students (over 200 students) to encourage reading for fun. The goal was achieved and the book distribution happened when school opened this fall!  Below are images of the kids receiving their new books with bookmarks created by the Manson Staff.

Ben Rippii, Manson Elementary Principal wrote:
“It went so well.  All students received a new book and bookmark with the donors name on it.  We posted a big thank you on our school district
Facebook page.  Here are some photos of the drive thru book giveaway. Thank you so much for your donations!”

This awesome initiative inspired us to find This List which includes the some of most “get lost in a book” worthy novels turned film over years for you to enjoy! We picked a few of our favorites shown below.  To see the complete BookBub list visit,  40 of Our All-Time Favorite Book-to-Movie Adaptations.

Whether it’s a book or a movie, our hope is that both the students of Manson Elementary and you are able to indulge in a literary escape this week or anytime you need to. Wishing you all another safe week full of imagination!

See you at the Ruby! (Soon)



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