Keeping HOPE

In these difficult times, it is easy to lose hope. But, we must remain hopeful as history has always shown us, this too shall pass.

Here are a few incredible films that could restore your faith in humanity and our future. Keep your sights on the good that is possible everyday, and we will get through this, together!

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BOYHOOD (2014)

Watch it for: a reminder that life is an ongoing series of alternating hardships and good fortune, and only achieves the sum total of its journey through the steady accumulation of individual days, not singular world events. In short, Boyhood is a reminder to focus on your immediate surroundings and the people closest to you—not internet noise or political turmoil.


Watch it for: recalibrating your sense of spirituality and considering the human race’s place in the universe. Even atheists can appreciate legendary director Terrence Malick’s impressionistic portrait of divine grace. It may be of small comfort in the immediate sense, but sometimes it truly is helpful to step back and consider your existence in relation to the cosmos—whatever that might mean to you.


Watch if for: for the sheer pleasure of it. Benh Zeitlin’s Louisiana fantasia is one of the most purely joyous films of the decade, reimagining the iconography of Hurricane Katrina through childlike eyes suffused with magical realism to create a gorgeous, celebratory tone poem about strength and perseverance. It’s also (a reoccurring theme here) a testament to the power of local community.

ALL IS LOST (2013)

Watch if for: for a reminder that not all is lost, though admittedly that fact is a bit of a spoiler, as for the majority of J.C. Chandor’s tense survival thriller, Robert Redford’s capsized sailor seems doomed to drown in the unfriendly expanse of the Indian Ocean. But resourcefulness, determination and sheer will combine to make that grim fate much less of an inevitability than it initially seems. Further proof that the human race is equipped to sustain any critical hit, take on water (either literal or metaphorical) and still survive.


Watch if for: a celebration of the Millennial mindset, whose creative enthusiasm has been on ample display during this crisis, with an explosion of innovative user-generated content being posted every day to capture this historic moment with humor and optimism. Lisa Cholodenko’s family drama shows that the kids really are all right—inquisitive, open-minded and better equipped to cope with change than even their progressive-minded parents are. Things will be okay… eventually.

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