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It can be hard to stay present in these uncertain times. Anxiety, worry and stress have a tendency to take over. What we need now more than ever is to remember to stay PRESENT. To experience joy no matter what is going on. If you are having trouble seeing the good in things or people, take a look at these inspiring films that will remind you how to be PRESENT, see the goodness all around you, and it might even change your outlook on life.


What on the surface appears to be a movie with a very jarring depiction of racial tension in America in the wake of 9/11, Crash brings out the nuances and complexities of human nature, and how! Mirroring the various shades of the human personality, this movie is an exploration of prejudice. Crash provides a strikingly apt portrait of stereotypes and is bound to make you think twice before making snap judgements about people you encounter.


This movie is nothing short of epic. An adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s fascinating novel of the same name, Into the Wild follows the adventures of Christopher McCandless and his tryst with the Alaskan wilderness. Fresh out of law school, McCandless’ decision to abandon his parents and his life of privilege in his pursuit of joy in communion with nature, will leave you with a similar kind of yearning. Into The Wild is a movie about the desire for freedom that feels, in itself, like the fulfillment of that desire.


High on philosophical content, Waking Life is one of the most brilliant movies ever made. As the nameless protagonist trudges through the dreamlike state he cannot seem to awaken from, he encounters people, sometimes a mute witness to monologues, sometimes engaging in conversation about a variety of subjects like reality, free will, anarchy, suicide, and cinema, all of which the animation vividly illustrates. Richard Linklater’s animated masterpiece, with a very aptly eerie soundtrack, is bound to leave you intrigued.


A depiction of a clash between realism and romanticism, juxtaposed with a conflict between traditional and conservative values, Dead Poets Society is Robin Williams at his best. A true inspiration, this movie will make you question the social and political norms that define your life. Dead Poets Society encourages you to dream and urges you to not be lazy in the pursuit of your aspirations.


David Fincher’s groundbreaking adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel bearing the same name, Fight Club is a movie plagued by madness, in the best possible way. This dark comedy delves into the head of the insomniac protagonist, who in his attempt to feel something resorts to violence and terrorism, all under the influence of a projection of his subconscious. A roller coaster ride, Fight Club urges you to challenge the status quo and become more aware of the dehumanizing effects of consumerism.

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