Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical!

The snow is in the mountains and the Holidays are in full swing! Many of you embrace this time of year and enjoy our cozy little town for the magical holiday season. Others are usually taking a vacation far away to a tropical destination.

 When we think of paradise we think of warm weather, palm trees and beaches.  This year may be the year to re-think “paradise” and enjoy the bountiful beauty the snow capped mountains provide as well as the fun that awaits on them!

Skiing and Snowboarding is still open this season, and although it’s at a smaller capacity, it’s one of the most thrilling and festive things to do! We were inspired by some of the best Ski and Snowboarding movies from the Adventure Junkies.

We hope you are inspired to watch a few of these films, enjoy the view and maybe even book your own day on the slopes this Holiday season!

Below are a few favorites from the list! Wishing you a week filled with adventure and beauty.


Warren Miller debuted his first ski film in 1949. For decades, he dominated the ski movie biz with annual flicks. Steep and Deep is one of his classics from 1985.

All of his films were narrated with humor by himself. This movie showcases beautiful mountains, attractive ski resorts, expert skiers and usually a time out in the middle to watch the antics of beginners learning to ski, dismounting the chairlift or falling over.


A short 11-minute film by Sweetgrass Productions, Afterglow puts a new spin on night skiing. Beautiful snow cinematography brings out the contrast of Chris Benchetler, Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, and Daron Rahlves skiing after dark in Alyeska and B.C. powder. Soon colored lights add brilliant visuals of cliff jumps, steep powder spines, and snowflakes. The film skyrockets when the skiers don LED suits to light up their moves.


Sherpas Cinema shot All.I.Can. over two years traveling on six continents. Their efforts paid off with winning a whole lineup of ski movie awards in 2011-12.

But more than the awards, the film goes far beyond the thrill of watching almost 20 world class skiers plunge down giant mountainscapes in Chile, Canada, Morocco, Alaska and Greenland. It takes a provocative foray into global climate change and what individuals can contribute to the larger world.


In 1975, this film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. It is the story of Yûichirô Miura’s attempt to climb Mt. Everest five years earlier in order to ski down the world’s tallest mountain.

Narrated with excerpts from his diary, the movie chronicles the expedition in which several people were killed. The documentary pits the ambition of the Japanese skier against the cost of aspiring to succeed.

For more films like this, visit: 19 of the best ski and snowboarding movies

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