Raising our spirits with DreamWorks!

When we are down in the dumps, there is nothing like watching  a creative animated film to lift our spirits! We love all kinds of animated movies but were inspired to share some of the best DreamWorks films with you!

Making its start in 1994, Dreamworks has created some of the most iconic films of this generation.  DreamWorks SKG is now a leading producer of live-action motion pictures, animated feature films, network, syndicated and cable television programming, home video and DVD entertainment, and consumer products.
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We found a list of 10 best DreamWorks Animated Movies of all time and highlighted some of our personal favorites below. If you are feeling low or just need to smile, we invite you to watch one from the list!

The most popular DreamWorks Animation movie by far is the first How to Train Your Dragon. There are a few reasons why this is the movie that people look to as the crown jewel for DreamWorks Animation. The first is the animation itself, which is beautiful, exuberant, and possibly the best work that they did in any movie to date.

The second reason is the story about a boy and his dragon in a world that fears the creatures. It is neither hokey, nor is it overly sentimental. Despite this, it still pulls at the heartstrings smartly and poignantly. In addition to the overwhelming love by fans, it is also the highest-rated DreamWorks Animation movie on Rotten Tomatoes, at 99-percent fresh.

Shrek receives a lot of criticism by vocal fans and movie critics, but it seems fans on IMDB still find the charm and creativity of the original film. It ranks second best for DreamWorks Animation. Mike Myers voices the ogre Shrek while Eddie Murphy voices his companion Donkey in this franchise.

Kung Fu Panda is one of the most successful animated movie franchises in Hollywood, as DreamWorks Animation knocked it out of the park with its original movie. Jack Black voiced Po, a giant panda who idolizes the Furious Five — kung fu masters who protect the land.

After Tai Lung escapes from prison, threatening to destroy everything the Furious Five and their master Shifu hold dear, Po is their only hope. With great humor, brilliantly created martial arts battles, and a heartwarming story, it was one of DreamWorks Animation’s first critical successes.

Wishing you a hopeful week full of imagination!

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