Snow Day!

Brrrr!! It’s cold outside! We can’t seem to warm up these past few weeks in Chelan how about you?

It makes us want to cozy up with a really hot cocoa and watch some fun movies that take place in the snow while we are nice and comfortable on our couch. Gazing outside from time to time and pretending that we too were a character in a movie braving the storm.

Country Living came out with this inspiring list: 45 Winter movies that are best to watch with a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa!

We couldn’t think of anything more fitting so we picked out some of our favorites from the list and shared them below!

We hope you find some time and fuzzy socks and watch a few with us. Wishing you a warm week full of imagination!

See you at the Ruby! (soon)

Ruby Theatre Sketch

Watch current first run movies in comfortable seats, with quality sound, and digital projection.

Experience the Ruby with its original horseshoe balcony, tin ceiling, and cast plaster proscenium arch which are essentially the same as when the “Photo Play House” was constructed in 1914.

See you at The Ruby!


135 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan, Wa., USA, 98831
135 E. Woodin Ave. Chelan, Wa. USA, 98831


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